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There are multiple factors involved in the hiring process and therefore, there is no guarantee of employment after watching and engaging with this material. This masterclass is about setting up strategies for success and confidence in the job search process.

Due to the digital nature of this content and special offers available in the course, refunds are NOT available.

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Realistic Job Search Strategies: A Masterclass in Taking Intentional Action


  • The realities of the job search process.
  • How to figure out your general preferences and the strategies that align with them.
  • How to research and prepare in a way that saves time and frustration.
  • What needs to be prepared to start the job search process and strategies to help you get noticed.
  • How to prepare and take intentional action aligned with your personality and preferences.
  • How to manage a job search under unique circumstances.


  • Unlimited Access to 1.5 hour Masterclass
  • Access to Bonus Video Content
  • PDF Workbook that includes all the masterclass activities
  • Content that can be used throughout your career to support your career transitions.

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